Can You Use Atmos Large Speakers?


Just speak about it to your ears as 4 K. Offering a true 3D audio experience, Dolby Atmos is now a must-have feature for audiophiles, including in soundbars, gaming systems, TVs, as well as smaller devices such as laptops, headphones and mobile phones.

And what kind of material promotes the technology? This FAQ to use height speakers for Atmos will resolve all worries.

Is that Dolby Atmos?

Dolby AtmosIn short, Dolby Atmos is a proprietary audio technology intended to carry the same 360-degree, ambient sound you would get into a movie theater in your living room or handheld device.

Using Atmos, content creators including sound mixers, performers and broadcasters can actually bring various stimuli into the soundscape, so you can feel the action as intended.

This ensures that Atmos technology can replicate accurately the sound of anything as large as an earthquake or as subtle as a bee moving from flower to flower, making it spatially accurate.

You can detect the noises also coming from above. Essentially, Dolby Atmos fools the brain to think it is right in the middle of the scene.

Dolby Atmos circles around the data. The system uses a 9.1-bed channel (consisting of stationary noises such as background tone and music), 128 channels, and up to 118 overlapping sound sources to create an ambient sound environment to produce this realistic tone.

A visual effect can be anything from feet visual to a basketball hop, so it has a specific location in the image.

Atmos lets content creators put the sounds in a specific location and set every movement in a 3Dl environment (think about someone running away from you down the hallway).

You can use front height speakers as Atmos speakers to create visual effect, so it has a specific location in the image.