Way To Connect Car Subwoofer To Home Stereo Without An Amp


The installation of a subwoofer in your vehicle provides power and balance to any car stereo system.

The speakers in the door panels and the rear deck will only offer so much in the way of sound, so the subwoofer is built exclusively to connect car subwoofer to home stereo without an amp.


Safety of the battery

Remove the negative battery cable from the negative terminal. The negative is the foundation for the electrical network of the engine.

Connecting or disconnecting some electrical device with the grounding cable connected to the battery will contribute to a short space in the vehicle’s electrical system.

The ring end provides the bridge to control the driven subwoofer. Remove the fuse from the fuse holder until it is connected to the power supply cable.

Remove the fuse as the very last phase in the subwoofer installation process.

Connect the subwoofer to the stereo

The powered subwoofer connects more like an amplifier to a stereo than another category of speakers.

Remove the stereo from the stereo dock of the car to allow access to the outlet on the rear panel of the stereo.

Most stereos are designed to accept the amplifier (and, in this situation, the driven subwoofer) wiring directly through the stereo itself.

Other units cannot receive wiring without the adapters being implemented. Disconnect the stereo wire from the device and replace it with the wire harness adapter.

The adapter provides the necessary cables and outlets for the connection of the signal cable and the turn-on line to the powered sub. You can also replace home theater subwoofer with a car subwoofer.

Subwoofer wire networking


Route the stereo wiring and the power supply cable to the subway location. Feed the signal cables and shut off the stereo from the back of the stereo dock.

The back of the dock offers an outlet for cables to extend from the stereo to the bottom of the car on the passenger side of the ship.

Once the wiring appears in the foot-well, hide the wiring under the carpet as you move it to the exact location of the subwoofer.

Connect the power supply cable that was feeding through the firewall to the interior of the car on the opposite side of the vehicle to prevent interfering with the signal in the control line.