What Kind Of Receiver Do I Need For Multiple Rooms?

Multiroom is no longer a part of an elite Hi-Fi system of expensive apartments or cottages, but an affordable solution for “sounding” the whole house.

Multi zones connection

AV receivers with seven or more channels now allow you to expand your home theater system to other rooms. With 7-channel AV receivers, you can use 5 channels for surround sound and 2 channels for stereo speakers in another room.

Some AV receivers have speaker outputs for audio in two additional zones. The easiest way to set up a 3-zone multiroom system with one AV receiver is to find a 9- or 11-channel receiver with speaker outputs for zones 2 and 3. These models often support 3-zone/3-source sound, so you can listen to different music in all three zones.


With dual HDMI outputs, you can watch the same video content on two different screens in the same room or different rooms. If the AV receiver has an independent HDMI output for the second zone, you can watch two different video sources on different TVs.

These are not budget models, and the variety of functions and technologies in the higher price segment is greater. This adds complexity when choosing a multi-room receiver and the most correct decision would be to consider the best av receivers under $1000 on Chooserator.

Wireless multiroom capabilities

Some AV receivers can stream music to different speakers and/or soundbars in different rooms.

Some hi-fi equipment manufacturers, such as Yamaha and Onkyo, have proposed an option for wireless sound streaming using their branded receivers. Some receiver models of one of these brands, supporting proprietary wireless multiroom technology. This allows you to create a network of wireless speakers around your home that can sound any room in the house. This is what Yamaha proposes to do with its proprietary MusicCAST protocol.


Today, the company’s lineup already includes many devices that support this protocol: receivers, micro- and mini-systems, soundbars, wireless speakers, and even headphones. Many other well-known companies like Pioneer or Onkyo also have their multi-room solutions. Besides Denon and Marantz’s receivers can work well with Denon’s HEOS wireless speakers.

Appropriate control from the app

Almost all multiroom AV receivers offer a phone or tablet for remote control via a free app. They can be used to turn sources on and off, adjust sound, change settings, and stream music from online sources.